IQRA Paperclip Bookmark

IQRA Paperclip Bookmark

Who says paper clips need to be boring? Try using these creative IQRA Paperclip Bookmark in your planner, journal, notebook, Qu’ran and keep track of your progress. This creatively designed bookmark holds up very well to daily use and the shape makes it easy to spot where you last left off.

5 Pillars Islamic Game

5 Pillars Game

Do you like Trivia with an Islamic twist? How long can you jabber without a stammer? How many teasers can your brain hammer? Boost your Islamic Knowledge with a range of fun games for all ages and difficulties. Tailor your game experience! Whether it’s a casual game with family and kids or a more competitive match with your friends.

Portable Prayer Rug with Backrest

Portable Prayer Rugs with Backrest

Need to support the back during a speech after prayers? Try this 2-in-1 prayer rug which allows you to turn it into a recliner when you need to sit up, and a prayer mat when you need to pray. It has great thickness and padding too! You will not be disappointed!

LED falshlight kit

A definite must-have accessory to add to your Hajj luggage would be a decent torch. When you have to sleep under the open night sky in Muzdalifah or to collect the tiny pebbles at night, this LED falshlight kit will be a reliable tool at your side.

Waterproof Solar Charger

Waterproof Portable Solar Charger

If you are going to take a few essential gadgets with you to Hajj, the last thing you want is for them to run out of juice halfway through the marquees of Mina. This portable charger is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and is designed to charge your gadgets via USB cable.

The Ultimate Travel Checklist

The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Packing is one of the most daunting things you have to do. When going for Hajj is one of the biggest events of your life and it’s not exactly a holiday, it definitely adds to the pressure. This is to all you folks out there, praying that Allah makes it easy for you!

Dual Sandwich Maker

Dual Sandwich Maker ifthar

Ten minutes left for Iftar and you have nothing ready? Try this sandwich maker, you just can’t go wrong with them. With this revolutionary dual sandwich maker you’ll be able to cook a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home for two in just five short minutes.

Modern Quran Stand


Reading the Quran is one of the most productive ways that anyone could spend their time, and hence, reading calls for comfortable accessories to enhance the experience. This modern Quran Stand provides an easy resting space for your book which does a great deal to relieve your arms and shoulders from holding up a book for a long period of time.

Reading Light Glasses

Reading Light Glasses

This is ideal for reading the Quran at night or during Thahajjudh so as not to disturb your partner and kids. These handy specs come available in five common sizes and are equipped with small battery powered lights to illuminate the pages in front of you.

Wudhu Mate

Designed for wudhu and Istinja on the move. An ideal solution for Muslims who want to wash off intimate areas in the before performing wudhu. Holds a liter of water and after each use the leftover water folds back into the pouch.