The Origami Camel Necklace

The Origami Camel Necklace

The Origami Camel Necklace is a modern twist on an ancient icon of Asia, the two-humped camel. This makes a great statement necklace and conversation piece. Available in silver, rose gold, or gold, and comes in an adjustable chain for better layering options. 

Personalized Arabic Ring

Personalized Arabic Ring

Enchant your fingers with these lovely personalized rings. This handmade ring will make a great gift idea for your Mom, Sister, Best Friend, Daughter, or just a treat for yourself with your or your loved one’s name.

Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush

Brushing the teeth not only helps one look better and feel healthier, but also it pleases God. Throw out that disgusting germ-infested brush and swap it out for this anti-bacterial toothbrush. This brush is recommended for those with stained, discolored teeth and those looking for complete oral care protection.

The “Ramadan Mubarak” Candle

The "Ramadan Mubarak" candle

The “Ramadan Mubarak” candle will light up the festivities to commemorate such an amazing festival. It will be a beautiful touch to your celebration. You can use the candle to light all the rooms in your home. The candle also make an excellent Eid gift.

Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

“If something is blocking your nails, then Wudhu is not acceptable,” Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish is a must-have item for any Muslim woman wanting to keep her fingernails pretty while performing Wudhu. It’s Breathable formula allows water to permeate through the nail polish keeping nails hydrated.

Portable Travel Bidet

My backside is as hygienic as an intensive care ward. Why? Because, I wash my backside after every visit to the toilet using water. This travel bidet is the easiest way to take clean wherever you go, and it fits conveniently in your briefcase, purse, suitcase, or glove box for an instant bidet wash anywhere.

DIY Henna Tattoo Kit

Give any plain look a little exotic appeal by designing yourself a custom wearable accessory using the DIY henna tattoo kit. It’s made from all natural henna and comes with an easy to follow instructional booklet ideal for beginners.

Hair Styling Wax

The greatest challenge to hair is putting product in your hair that can survive wudu. The problem is you can put something in your hair, but after you pray dhuhr it’s undone and you’re suddenly having a bad hair day. After extensive personal testing, I recommend this hair styling wax as the best to use in your hair.

Natural Horse Hair Beard Brush

Keep your manly mane looking clean and well groomed throughout the day with help from this Beard Oil Brush. The bristles are soft, natural horse hair and the handle is made of solid wood, sized to fit the hand perfectly. Be careful here. Most brushes use boar hair (i.e. swine).

Beard Shaping Tool

Don’t spend another cent on a barber to line your beard! Save money with beard shaping template and always have a fresh beard in the convenience of your own home. Ideal for both long and short beards, this versatile grooming accessory makes it remarkably easy to maintain perfect symmetry in tricky places like the cheek and neck line.